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The Church Persecuted

Here, we aim to offer support for those committed to pray in support of Christians around the world who face persecution.  In particular, we include below brief details of the nation for this month.  This year we will be featuring the 'next twelve nations' rather than starting again at [1] in January. This might result in the occasional repeat as the order might have changed since last year.  For further information to support you as you pray, click on the links at the bottom of the page.

Leader:  President Emomali Rakhmon
Population:  8.9 million (62,200 Christians)
Main Religion:     Islam

World Watch List Rank:  22

No religious activity beyond state run and state-controlled institutions are allowed in Tajikistan.

The central government has created restrictive laws, including a 'youth law' that prevents those under 18 from taking part in religious activities. Local government and police raid religious meetings, detain believers and confiscate religious literature. Christians from Muslim backgrounds face the most pressure, as they are also persecuted by their families and friends, sometimes being locked up, beaten and expelled from their communities.

Please Pray:

  • For comfort and strength for Christians who are beaten and pressured to renounce their faith by their families 
  • That pressure from the regime would lessen and that the country would become more open to Christianity
  • Chrisitans are seen as extremists for practicing their faith outside of stat-sanctioned structures. Pray that this view will change

For more details please see the following website:

Open Doors      Christian Solidarity Worldwide       Release International

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