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Nicky’s Update

Greetings from Jos,

As you can see from the above photographs, our buildings are well under way. The blocks are being made on site to save money and to dry well in the sun, and the two hostels are being built at the same time. We have two different teams, one of local builders and one our usual team competing to see who does the best job, to employ local people and to get the buildings up quickly as the rains have started pretty regularly now. As is common with any building, there are challenges to overcome and we have had to dig deep foundations and add a lot of extra laterite to cope with the slope and clay soils, which we had not budgeted for!

In the larger photo you can see both hostels together with a courtyard in the middle.

Today, the builders are at lintel level and hopefully in the next month we will have a roof After that, the kitchen/dining building will go up and, all being well, we will meet our target of being on site before the autumn term starts in September.

It is truly miraculous that this time last year we did not even have a piece of land and now we nearly have two buildings; a big THANK YOU to all who have contributed so far. Hopefully we will have enough funds to complete this first phase despite the increased costs.

We continue to need to raise the funds for our Vocational training centre and a centre leader house and a security wall as we are rather exposed, besides all of our farming It is indeed a big challenge BUT we serve a BIG God and I am confident we will see the blessings of the Lord in his timing.

Donations can be sent to /donate and our project is 96902 Girls Transition House Nigeria.


On a personal note, this is my new best friend!! Hopefully I will get used to it and my knee will strengthen. Please pray for all the goodbyes going on at the moment, it is tough to say goodbye to close friends and colleagues. Pray for wisdom as I try and establish a routine for myself with everything going on.

On a happier note, we welcome Jana from Texas back for two weeks to work with us

I look forward to showing you the completed buildings soon.

Thanks again.

Love, Nicky

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