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ImageSummer 2018

Greetings from Jos

Hi there everyone. I greet you from a wet and cold Jos as we are well and truly in the rainy season, which is good for our farm, but not so good for our building project!!

God is good, He has protected us and allowed us to be able to continue with ministry despite much unrest all around us. As I write there are many IDP (Internally Displaced People) in many camps within about forty minutes of us; many have lost loved ones and everything they possess and are in desperate need. Please continue to pray for peace to once more reign in our Plateau State and for resources for these people.

God has been blessing us in the girls section of Kings Kids, it used to be just me, Mama Sati and Aunty Altine a few years ago but, as Imageyou can see from the above photo, we are now a much larger team and it’s awesome to have others sharing the load, all with a passion to help vulnerable girls thriveLaughing Next to me in the red is our new house parent, Christy, who is a young widow and a great addition to the team. The two younger ones in the front are Ruth, our oldest girl who is now staff, on the left and Fransisca, my assistant, on the right. I love working with these ladies. It was my birthday last month and I celebrated with all 42 girls. We had a party on my compound, complete with a feast of burgers and chips and cake; they like trying “White man’s food” Laughing As I write we are about to receive another six girls coming from Gyero and then we will be full up!! 48 in total in our Girls Transition House!! Then we will be needing to think about what is next for the older ones.


ImageWe have been very busy with our farming as the rains have come. Many of you will have heard we were attacked by Land Army worms at one point, we prayed and God miraculously got rid of them; they could have eaten all our crops. Laughing So the maize is growing well now and the rice is loving having all the rain. For those of you who are not farmers, the rice is at the front and maize at the rear on this photo!! I love the fact that I am now an African farmer!!!! It is amazing the journey that God has me on Laughing.


ImageImageYou can see here we have harvested our first fish and the girls are delighted to eat them after keeping them for six months. Ruth cried when she had to kill them, they have been her babies!!! I have enjoyed creating a garden in our courtyard and as you enter through the doors you are now greeted with a pretty sight Laughing. We planted every blade of grass by hand!!! It has been a labour of love, but we love it and we have a bunch of willing gardeners who are looking after it.

We have been trying to build as fast as the rains will allow to try and get our school building completed to the first level so we can begin school in September. We have taken on an ambitious project and are building a two storey building, so we don’t waste any of our farm land. It has been a steep learning curve for me - project managing builders, carpenters, iron benders and many labourers and balancing the books!! I have learned a lot but will be glad not to be overseeing any more building after this!!

ImageImageImageIn the picture on the left, the black rooved buildings and silver are our compound and the new building can be seen in the background (the red roof is our neighbour). The deck is now going on to provide a roof for the ground floor and a platform from which to build the upstairs!! Notice no safety precautions here!! We are about to interview teachers and are busy working on registering our “Integrity High School “, so we can begin soon. We wish to thank all who have donated to help us get this far and to encourage you to help us further so that this time next year we may have a two storey completed building.








Please donate to project 96902 Girls Transition House Nigeria

ImageAn encouraging story to end with - a reminder as to why we are doing all this’ Pictured here are Alheri and Adonai who graduated from secondary school this last week. Both have achieved a lot since being in the ministry for a number of years. Alheri is from a M. background. She ran away from her family when her father died, to avoid being married and to proceed with her education as a young teenager. Adonai was born out of wedlock and when her mother died was left alone, fending for herself in the village. She was rescued and brought to us as a young girl by an aunt, very malnourished with no education and now is set on becoming a barrister to fight for those who cannot speak for themselves. Both are strong in their faith, lovely mature young women who are trusting God for their future, both so very thankful for the ministry which rescued them and gave them a chance of a future.

Thank You for partnering with me to help these and many other girls.

Love, Nicky x


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