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Girls Transition House , Bassa , Jos, Nigeria --- Update. 22.6.2018

A few weeks ago we broke the ground to start building our girls Vocational Centre in Bassa, and started to get the foundations and walls up to lintel level. We knew we didn’t have enough money to finish the building but wanted to get started before the rains became too heavy.

At the same time we became aware of more and more frustrations that our girls were passing through attending the Secondary School in Bassa. They attend the only private secondary school in Bassa and still have up to 70 pupils in a class. Unfortunately, we have experienced exam mal-practices, a lowering of academic standards compared to what what we are used to, beating in the classes and a lack of discipline and good teaching, so our girls have been demoralised. The final straw came a couple of weeks ago when two of our older girls came home and could not sit down because they had been beaten because another girl was making noise!! These, our precious children who have already suffered trauma, don’t need this kind of treatment Frown

We started to look around for alternatives and began praying that God would show us a solution. We found some schools but none that are in our area and so transport would be needed if they were to go there.


It was getting hard to think about developing the vocational classrooms at the same time as thinking through the school issue, we prayed and prayed. Then we felt God leading us to combine our efforts and run our own secondary school and combine the vocational track with an academic one, so all the girls can attend the same school and would be offered courses appropriate to their level.

The solution seemed obvious. We had never considered it, but the more we thought about it the more it made sense, and so this is our current intention. We don’t want to lose any more land because we are also trying to grow all of our food and so intend to add a second storey to the existing building.

We would love to get this started by September for our Junior Secondary and Vocational pupils and then add the second storey next year for the Senior secondary. We still intend to use the school to reach out to our community and will take paying pupils and eventually run adult education classes in the afternoons and holidays. We will start small and build on a firm foundation.

For us to achieve this we need your help

We estimate the building will cost 16.2million Naira ($45,900 / £31,300). A detailed breakdown is available and you might like to support a particurlar element of the project, but any amount will be gratefully received. If you would like a copy of the list, please email the website administrator.

Please help us to give our girls a good education in an environment of integrity that we can all be proud of.

Please send your donation to project 96902 GTH Nigeria

Thank You,


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