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Prayer Calendar for   NICKY BRAND   missionary in   NIGERIA: February 2018

The names of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children and Staff in our ministry are on various days   











1st Pray for Nigeria. There is a lot of fighting between Fulani and local farmers. Lots of bloodshed and innocent lives lost. Pray the police and army will do their job and protect people.

2nd Pray for Rejoice, who was abused, as she has to testify this week to the police and this could be very harrowing. PTL that she has just started having counselling and is smiling once again. Pray this will not send her backwards, but help to bring closure.

3rd Pray for the leaders of the country that they would govern well and in the fear of the Lord. There is too much corruption and too many religious factions, which is not helping the country to progress.

4th Pray for Christians all over Nigeria that they will be known by their fruit. Pray that their lives will stand out and that they will make a difference in a lawless society. Pray for pastors to set a good example.

5th Pray for protection of all western missionaries, particularly when we are travelling. There has been an increase in kidnapping and armed robberies and it’s getting closer to where we live.

6th Pray for Brianna, Kate and Ann, who have just arrived from USA to serve with our ministry from 3 to 6 month periods. Pray they will see God use them in mighty ways and they will be forever changed as a result.

7th Pray for Jess, Ruth and myself as we act as mentors to help guide Brianna, Kate and Ann through the challenges of ministry and life in a different culture. Pray we will be good role models for them and we will learn from them as well.

8th Pray for Elizabeth Luka as she returns back to her family after a number of years in our ministry. Pray all she has learnt will stand her in good stead as she returns a very different person from when she came.

9th Pray for some of our older girls who have been showing attitude problems. Pray that they will humble themselves and learn from their mistakes, so that they will all live harmoniously together.

10th Pray for Aunty Elizabeth as she leads the centre. We are still without a member of staff and she continues to go back and forth between her family and the centre.

Pray also for her mother who is terminally ill.

11th Pray for our animal farm in Bassa and for Ruth who is primarily in charge. We have now got 3 rabbits and 3 barrels of fish and are constructing our chicken shed. We aim to improve the diets of the girls and get manure for our farm J

12th Pray for the girls to be filled with energy and enthusiasm as we prepare the farm land for planting when the rain comes. Praise the Lord for Alex and Talatu who are working hard, and for Clare as she gets involved.

13th Today we have a young man from Germany arriving… Fabian who will work with us for six months J

Pray he will make a big impact on our teenage boys and help them become what God has in plan for them. Pray he settles in quickly and thrives here.

14th Praise the Lord we are now enclosed by a wall and gates so the crops will be protected, as well as the girls J Pray for the success of rearing our animals. This is new for us and we are keen to make it work and not harm them!!

15th Pray for Faith Ayuba as she continues to struggle living with her sisters. Pray that there will be a breakthrough in her family and someone will visit her so she can be more at peace, she feels so badly rejected.:(

16th Pray for me as I juggle many hats; that I will have clear boundaries and that I will walk in the Spirit’s guiding every day. Pray for safety as I drive around in the crazy traffic, and pray for my car to work well.

17th Praise the Lord for his continued protection of the girls and children in Gyero during these unstable times. Both areas have a lot of Fulani and their cows. Pray for continued peace and protection.

18th Pray against a spirit of fear and for a heart filled with peace as I continue to minister here.

19th Pray for Fransisca. She is an amazing asset to me and the ministry. Pray that God will bring her a Godly young man to walk beside her, as she desires, before too long.

20th Pray for Gaylynn as she prepares to go on home assignment this week for four months. Pray she will be refreshed physically, spiritually and emotionally while she is away.

21st Pray for Zainab as she thinks through her future and starts to prepare to take an exam for university entrance. Pray the right doors will open up for her to where God wants her to go, and when.

22nd Pray for Patience as she comes to terms with her father coming back into her life after 17 years! Pray she will be brave enough to meet him  and get to know him and her brothers.

23rd Pray for my discipleship group that they will learn well as we meet each week to study the Bible and pray. Nendrumwa, Patience, Patience, Esther Rejoice, Teiyei, and Joy.

24th Pray for our new houseparent who is coming. I pray that by now we will have made some progress and that the right person will have joined our team.

25th Pray for our reverend in Bassa and his wife. His wife volunteers in our ministry and is a great help. Pray he will lead well despite the salary challenges  of a rural church.


Today my DAD turns 80 years old J Praise the Lord for his life and that he will feel blessed today.

27th Pray for the management team, Rev Ayuba, Pastor Joel and Elisha. Pray for unity, for good leadership and renewed vision. Pray for Elisha as he leads Kings Kids with all its many challenges, and that he will be filled with joy at the changes he sees in the children.

28th Pray for Nigeria . Pray that many people will return back to their homes in the north and establish farms again to care for their families. Pray for the spread of the gospel in these muslim lands that have been so damaged by Boko Horam in the past.


If my people which are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land “

(2 Chronicles 7 v 14)






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