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Prayer Calendar for   NICKY BRAND   missionary in   NIGERIA                              November 2017    

The names of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children and Staff in our ministry are on various days










1st Praise The Lord for the start of another new month.

We have much to praise Him for; all the joys of last month as we dedicated our building and celebrated His provision.

2nd Pray for Fransisca as she is on leave; pray she rests well and will come back with renewed enthusiasm and drive. Pray she is refreshed by being with her family.

3rd Pray for me today as I have been experiencing a series of spiritual attacks especially on the last few Fridays. Pray I will stand strong and not get discouraged.

4th Pray for my driving and my cars’ protection as this is an area which has been under attack. Pray too against further attacks on the electrical supply to my house.

5th Clare, a short termer from the UK, arrived yesterday, I get to spend time with her today. Pray I will be an encouragement to her and can help get her settled into ministry.

6th Pray for my energy levels which have been a bit depleted with all the attacks going on. Pray I will keep sleeping well at night will wake up refreshed, and keep exercising.

7th Pray for Josphine as she has an infected hand from a nail. Pray the medicine will work and the swelling will go down soon as this is her writing hand.

8th Pray for our House Parent search which is still continuing. I am now thinking maybe to just employ a widow. Pray I will know God’s plan and that the timing will be right.

9th Pray for all 40 girls today as we have Discipleship today. Pray that what we are teaching will be used in their lives and their walk with the Lord will grow deeper.

10th Pray for Faith Ayuba as her behaviour has become a bit challenging again. I think as we near Christmas it’s a bad time for her, wishing she had a family to visit. Pray she will feel loved and accepted by us all.

11th Pray for the security of the house and the girls. There have been security challenges not too far away with Fulani and farmers. Pray God’s angels will surround us at all times.

12th Pray for all orphans across the world today as it’s ORPHAN SUNDAY. 

Pray that our orphans will feel loved and cared for and part of God’s family.

13th Pray for Zainab, Rose and Godiya who are all waiting to see if they will gain a scholarship to University, as promised. Pray that the owner will make a decision soon so they know where they are, and can think about plan B, if needed.

14th Pray for the girls who go to school, 33 in one school. The school is run a bit on military lines so the teaching is good but the discipline is harsh and the girls are finding it difficult at times. Pray for their lights to shine bright and influence others.

15th Today Ian Seymour arrives from Bridgnorth Baptist Church to train us in ways of farming. This is a real answer to prayer in a very practical way. Pray he will enjoy his time and we will all learn a lot from him. Pray for his journey, too.

16th Pray for Talatu, one of our neighbours who is helping lead our farming, having previously been farming the land. She is loving being part of the ministry and is very good with the girls. Pray she will be teachable and amazed at what is taught.

17th Pray for all the girls as they are busy making crafts to sell to raise money towards next term’s school fees. Pray we will be able to sell what we make and that they will be encouraged as a result.

18th Pray for Rejoice as she continues to heal from the abuse she suffered. Praise The Lord that going to school has helped her confidence.

19th Pray for a Sabbath day of rest today in amongst the busy-ness. Pray for sweet time of fellowship with the Lord.

20th Pray for the on-going building works at our house. Pray that the workers will keep working hard and do a good job, fixing up the outside. Praise God for the funds to be able to do these things to preserve the building.

21st Pray for Ian this week as we gather as many interested groups as we can for the training he is going to provide. Pray for stamina and patience for him as he adapts to working cross-culturally.

22nd Pray for all the planning and fund raising towards the Vocational Training Centre to be successful. We have a couple of people trying to get Nigerian funding; pray they will be successful and that money will come in.

23rd Today is American Thanksgiving. A time to reflect and be thankful for all that God has done in our lives and ministry this year.

Take time to praise God for his amazing miracle of a new house and 40 girls living together. J

24th Praise God for the testimonies of our girls’ friends, many of whom are Muslims asking them to pray for them and noticing they are different. Pray our girls will be bold to speak about their faith and faithful to pray.

25th Pray for Alheri and Adonai as they are in their final year and are having extra lessons every day which means a long day. Pray for their stamina and concentration.

26th Pray for the older boys in our half way home as they start to set up a business to help support themselves.

27th Pray for the plans for Christmas we need to make. We want to buy grains soon as this is the cheapest time and we need a lot of funds to do so. Pray God will provide.

28th Pray for provision of funds to buy Christmas Clothes for all 300 children in the ministry. This is the one time of the year they get new clothes and they soooooo look forward to it.

29th Pray for those Children who have nowhere to travel to at Christmas. They are already feeling sad. Pray we will be able to come up with lots of ideas to keep them occupied.

30th Pray for us as we absorb all Ian can teach us and put it into practice so we can successfully grow most of the food we need to feed 40 girls , three times a day.

Pray for wisdom on what to grow and where on our land is best. Pray for him with us till 5th Dec.





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