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Prayer Calendar for   NICKY BRAND   missionary in   NIGERIA                     January 2019









1st Happy New Year J Praise the Lord for a good few days rest in Abuja and for travelling mercies amongst many road blocks. Praise Him for giving me the stamina needed over the last few weeks. Praise Him for providing what we needed to give our kids a good Christmas.

2nd Pray for Fransisca and myself as we start to plan towards the new term starting next week. Pray we will see God’s direction and leading as we face the challenges ahead. Praise God for funds that have come in over the holidays to help with our grains.

3rd Today I along with all the SIM Nigeria missionaries go to our annual Spiritual Life Conference in Miango till the 7th. Pray it will be a really encouraging time for all of us as we learn and hear from God.

4th Pray for our building which is having the roof structure built at the moment. It is high up and safety is a concern!! Pray all will be completed without accident.  Praise God we have got this far J

5th Pray for all of our girls who will be returning from various locations after the holidays. Pray they will have safe journeys and will re - enter well.

Pray they will be ready to start school on Monday.

6th This first Sunday of the new year, pray for all Christians in Nigeria to commit themselves to prayer and to stand firm in their faith as we head towards elections.

7th School begin again today. Pray for the teachers as they begin a new term and for the students that they will concentrate and be serious in their studies.

8th We have a new teacher covering the gap of Joel as he serves his country. Pray she will do a good job and the children will learn well from her.

9th Pray for our farm. Over the Christmas period we lost a lot of our rabbits, we don’t know why they died. Pray we will not lose the remaining few and we can figure out what went wrong.

10th Pray for Elizabeth Bitrus as she heads back to finish her teaching certificate. Pray she will complete the project well and graduate soon. We will miss her help in our school!

11th Pray for Zainab that as the Universities call off the strike she will be able to get started. Pray for good accommodation and friends to be found so she thrives there and doesn’t get distracted away from us.

12th Pray for Faith Ayuba that she will re- settle in Gyero well after spending the holidays in Bassa.

Pray we will be guided in how best to help her in the future.

13th Pray for all those that are standing for election. Many are Christians. Pray they will seek God’s guidance in all they do for the good of others.

14th Pray for complete healing for Rejoice Cletus after her operation at Christmas time. Pray that the problem will not re- occur and she will be able to happily go back to school.

15th Pray for Mama Christy to improve on her time keeping and reliability. Pray she will understand the need for change.

16th Pray for me as I am trying to wrap up and leave things in good order for others to carry on in my absence. There is a lot to finalise. Pray for wisdom to know how I should leave the building project, should it continue in my absence?

17th Pray for Aunty Eli as she leads the Girls Transition House. Pray for good health and strength for her. Pray she will be encouraged every day in some way as she leads.

18th Pray for Fransisca as she takes the burden of running the school in my absence. Pray she will enjoy it and not be frustrated with all the challenges.

19th Pray for the stability of the country as we build towards elections early next month. Particularly in Plateau State there is likely to be trouble.

20th Pray for me as I go through an evaluation with SIM of how things have gone this term in the field. Pray it will be a useful tool to be thankful with and to plan for the future direction

21st Pray I will have time to start to think about my time at home in the UK and how I spend my time there. Pray God will lead me to the people he wants me to meet and to use me how he wants to for his glory.

22nd Pray for the house parents of our new half way home. We have someone in mind but I pray that God will lay the desire in their heart too. Pray along with us.

23rd Pray for in their final year of school. Fine, Comfort, Nkiru, Nendrumwa and Patience. Pray they will work hard and study well as they prepare.

24th Pray for my friend Susan who will be visiting this next week from USA. She used to live in Jos and now has a ministry writing curriculum. Pray as we partner together we will see a lot of progress.

25th Pray for good times of concentration despite my tiredness to plan and dream about how the vocational curriculum could look like to best equip the girls.

26th Pray for Ruth as she handles all the animals and food responsibilities for the centre. Pray she will know how valuable she is to us and her sisters. Pray she will have joy in her work every day.

27th Pray for Pastors here in Jos as they lead their congregation wisely. Pray they will be prayerful and full of the Holy Spirit.

28th Pray for our SIM missionaries serving in the north of Nigeria. We have a small team in Kano, pray for their ongoing safety.

29th Pray for safety as we travel around Nigeria. There are increasing incidents of kidnapping and armed robberies.

Pray we will not be fearful.

30th Pray for our Boys Transition House as they consider moving to a new location. Pray for the funding and logistics to fall into place at the right time.


31st Pray for Susan as she teaches a course on Trauma Healing next week to better equip those working alongside those who have experienced trauma.

 1st Pray for me as I say goodbye to my staff and girls, it is never easy to leave. Pray I will transition well to life in the UK. Much adjustment to make.

2nd I travel to Abuja today to catch my flight out tomorrow. Please pray for a safe journey.



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