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Prayer Calendar for   NICKY BRAND   missionary in   NIGERIA                              September 2017    

The names of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children and Staff in our ministry are on various days












1st Praise the Lord O my Soul, Let all that is within me Praise The Lord. Let’s thank God as we begin this month for all the miracles he has done for us.

2nd Thank God for answering many of the prayers we have been offering up in recent months. We are about to move in to our new home. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3rd Pray for all the Muslims celebrating Salah this weekend, that they may hear the voice of God as they spend time praying.


4th This week is MOVING WEEK J  Pray for the logistics of getting everything and the girls moved by the end of the week. We aim to put the beds together today and hang mosquito nets J We will move in with 37 girls.

5th Pray for us as we decorate the house for the girls, hang curtains, lay carpet etc. and make beds and check everything is working. The workmen are still connecting things and hanging doors; it’s all looking great.

6th Pray for Mama Mary as she takes on being parent to the big girls. Praise The Lord she has bonded really well with them already and is so excited to be part of what God is doing with these girls.

7th Pray for Aunty Elizabeth, our new centre leader, and her Husband as they temporarily move in to be houseparents in the other house until we find the right people. This is an answer to prayer, but keep praying.

8th We will move the girls today. Pray for safety on the road and for good bonding between the Gyero and Du girls. Pray they will respect the buildings and be amazed at God’s provision for them.

9th Pray for us as we settle the girls in, as we work out the running of the centre and get used to living in the new environment. Pray all will be responsible and adapt to new routines well.

10th Today we will try out the local churches. Pray the girls will feel welcomed and quickly get integrated with local Christian friends.

11th First day of school today for 31 girls. Pray for them as they walk to school, for settling in to new classes and making new friends. Pray for us as we do all the shopping needed for starting back to school.

12th Pray for the six vocational girls who will have their own school timetable at home. Pray for all the people coming to teach and for the girls to enjoy it and learn really well. Faith, Mary, Teiyei, Gloria, Hannatu and Janet.

13th Continue to pray for more funds to come in so when the rain stops we can finish the outside of the building, paint the inside, tile the bathrooms and also so that we can farm.

14th Pray for Ruth as she is in charge of the kitchen and the food and general operations of the centre. She is such a great role model to her juniors and pray she will enjoy her new role.

15th Pray for me as I plan to be out at the centre a fair bit. I am going to teach lifeskills, run a gardening project with the vocational girls and be involved in Discipleship. I also plan to spend a night or a weekend there regularly. Pray for my stamina and health

16th Pray for the offer of scholarships for 3 girls to University to become a reality. They will go for screening interviews this week. Rose, Zainab and Godiya.

17th   Pray for Gift. She is wanting to also go to University and needs an opening. She is an excellent teacher already and we would like her to study education. Pray for patience for her in the meantime, as all the state universities are on strike.

18th Pray for me as Peter is now back and I re-focus on what I need to be doing here and hand over responsibilities. I need discernment and wisdom so I don’t overload myself.

19th Pray that I will continue to see God’s miracles as I push on with the continuation of this project. I am enjoying the challenge of managing it. I don’t want to get complacent as I am bogged down with the nitty gritty.

20th Pray God will help me to train the house parent and centre leader and delegate responsibility to them to run the centre. This should release me to focus on other aspects of the big project.

21st Pray God will help me as I continue to mentor Jess. She is doing really well and is a delight. Pray, too, for others who are in the pipeline to come and work amongst us to be able to raise their support quickly and join us here.

22nd Pray for those girls we have reconciled back to their families recently. Rose, Godiya, Mary, Elizabeth, Rebecca and Blessing with Fransisca. Pray they will continue to walk strongly with the Lord and shine in their new locations

23rd Pray for the management of the overall ministry as they have a lot of responsibility. Pray they will manage with humility and with a servant heart.

24th Pray for Fransisca and I as we continue to work together. She is such a Godsend to me. Pray that she will find the right man for her at the right time and that God will grant her heart’s desire.


25th Pray for the boys at Gidan Bege as they often have issues settling in to new routines. Pray against the bad habits, like stealing and lying, that they generally bring with them. Pray for Uncle Joseph as he lives and works with them. Pray for protection for his family.


26th Pray for all the centres’ self-sustaining efforts. Particularly our Boys Transition House. They need ideas that will generate income and to motivate the boys to work hard to help themselves.

27th Pray for our farming project to get off the ground. We want to plan how we will make use of the land once the rains stop. Praise The Lord that our maize is doing well and our sweet potatoes, too.

28th Pray for all of these older girls and the younger ones left in Gyero as they will be having teething problems settling to living together and they will be missing each other.

29th Pray for us as we plan our dedication and thanksgiving for our new home next month when the Texas team is here. It will be one year since we dedicated the land and we are in awe at what God has done. Pray many will come and we will raise some funds as a result.

30th Praise The Lord with us as we celebrate his goodness and provision and protection. Pray we will be safe in our new location and we will not attract thieves or boys!!  and we will enjoy our new living environment very well J J J



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