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Prayer Calendar for   NICKY BRAND   missionary in   NIGERIA                     March 2019












1st Praise The Lord for a new month. A month in which to thank him for the presidential elections in Nigeria going off relatively smoothly without too much violence. Pray that as Buhari continues, he may govern with the fear of God.

2nd Pray for me as I prepare for tomorrow. I have not been well this last week with vertigo sickness and so am not as prepared as I would like to have been.

3rd Today I will be speaking at Gateway Baptist Church, in Burgess Hill, my home church, sharing about the ministry.


Pray for my sister; it’s her birthday today J

4th Pray for the builders who are carrying on in my absence with plastering the downstairs of the school. The floors will be started this week and then the windows can be added upstairs so the rain won’t get in.

5th Please pray for my health. I am going to the doctor today to see about a problem with my left ear. It is increasingly getting worse and I need some further investigation, but time is limited. Help me to be at peace regarding the timing.

6th I will be catching up today with an old friend, Mary. Pray for a time of sweet fellowship and mutual encouragement.

Praise The Lord for good friends like her who have supported me from the beginning of my missionary journey.

7th   Today I will be at SIM UK, having a de–brief with the staff there. Pray it all goes well.


8th Pray for a day of calm across Nigeria as people gear up for the local elections tomorrow. Pray for Christians who are standing to be elected where God wants them to be.

9th.Today in Nigeria is local election day for state Governors.  This has potential in our state of Plateau to cause much unrest as the governor is re-standing. Pray for all our people there to be prayerful.

10th  PTL that Melissa has been granted her visa to come and join our team as an administrator J J J Such a long journey to this point. Pray she will say goodbye well and thrive

11th Pray for Fransisca as she oversees the school. PTL we have been inspected and the results were favourable.

Pray she will be encouraged and excited at the progress in the girl’s education.

12th Pray for the remaining funding that we need to come in. We still have a lot to do upstairs and the safety bannisters and landscaping before we can move in. We hope to be using the downstairs classrooms in September.

13th Pray for Zainab as she goes off to university this month. Pray she will settle well, make good friends and make wise choices. Pray she will be a huge credit to the ministry.

14th Pray for Adonai as she takes an entrance exam to go to seminary this summer. Pray that if this is God’s will for her she will be accepted.

15th Pray for Aunty Eli as she continues to run the centre and support the house parents. Pray that her health will remain good and the stress will not be too much in my absence.

16th This weekend I will be in Bath catching up with my old uni friends and celebrating birthdays.

17th Pray for me, as I travel around different churches, that I will be ministered to, as well as giving out.

18th Today I will travel to Bridgnorth to stay with my aunty who is not well. Please pray for her as she struggles with MS and has to face many challenges.

19th Pray for Farmer Ian as he travels to Jos for three weeks to oversee the start of the farming season. Pray he will be an inspiration to Alex and the girls and much will be accomplished.

20th Pray for our rabbits as things have not been going well there and we have lost most of them. Pray we will figure out the problem and have a healthy breeding stock once more.

21st Gaylynn, my SIM friend, is working on establishing a half-way house for the oldest girls to live in Jos town. From here they will come and go to uni and work until they can live independently. Pray for her as she plans.

22nd Pray for Aqua, our foreman building the school as they begin building the school toilets this week. He has a lot of responsibility, pray God will really empower him and encourage him.

23rd Pray for me as I plan a holiday for myself and two missionary friends at the end of next month. We all need a break and pray we will get some good bargains J

24th Pray that my health problems will be able to be dealt with quickly. Pray that I will be patient and trusting that God knows my days and his plans are always better than my own!

25th Pray that I will be useful to my aunty and that I will be an encouragement to her.

26th Pray for Elisha as he manages the Kings Kids finances in my absence, it is a lot of work extra for him. Pray he will have a good work / rest balance

27th Pray for Mama Christy and Mama Mary as they continue to be house-parents and teachers in our vocational school. Pray they will have energy and encouragement seeing the girls in these different capacities.

28th Pray for Rebecca, an intern who is working with us this year. Pray she will feel she is impacting something worthwhile into the girls’ lives as she teaches discipleship in Bassa.

29th Pray for Fine, Nendrumwa, Patience and Nkiru as they prepare towards their final exams with lots of extra lessons at their school. Pray they will study hard.

30th Pray for the children in Gyero. Pray for Mama and Baba Sati as they prepare to move to Jos to head up the new half way house for girls soon. Pray for these who will replace them after 14 years there.

31st Today I will be speaking at Bridgnorth Baptist Church




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