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Prayer Calendar for   NICKY BRAND   missionary in   NIGERIA                            October  2018    

The names of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children and Staff in our ministry are on various days








1st Today is Nigeria’s independence day. Today this country needs prayers. There is a lot of tension and unrest due to forthcoming elections and tribal fighting. Please pray.

2nd Pray for Jos where I live. We are currently under curfew and gunfire can be heard across town. There have been more Fulani killing of Christians, and reprisals are now taking place. Some churches burnt. Pray for our continued protection.

3rd Pray for the Texas Team who leave today. They have been a little frustrated as their movements have been limited in the last few days. Pray they will safely travel home.

4th Pray for the military to do an honest job. There is too much corruption and officialdom turning a blind eye to the perpetrators. This has led to tension and fighting instead of peace.

5th Pray for Farmer Ian who is coming today. Pray for a safe journey for him and that God will bless his time with us and use him beyond his expectations.

6th Pray for my friend Dana; it’s her birthday today and she needs to know how special she is to God and many people. Pray God will direct and lead her in the days ahead.

7th Pray that going to church today will be a safe activity for all Christians in Jos. Pray for pastors as they comfort their people and challenge them to stand strong.

8th Our school has been going for three weeks now. Pray for me as I am teaching on Mondays - Home Economics to three classes J I also take a Discipleship class. The biggest challenge is the time to prepare well.

9th Praise The Lord - I have received money to continue our building.  Hopefully we will now be able to have the roof in place by Christmas J

God is providing for our needs, Keep praying -  it’s working J

10th Pray for our female teacher, Inne. She is a brand new teacher and has a lot to learn; she’s now pregnant and so a bit sick! Pray she will be strong enough to teach for a good while yet.

11th Satan loves to attack our work here and discourage us, We expect that. BUT our girls’ health is suffering. Too many have had operations and sicknesses since we have moved in. Pray against this…

12th Pray for Faith Daniel who recently had her appendix out. Pray she will regain her strength quickly. Pray for the health of the staff as well, They have been struggling with niggling things too.

13th Pray for the registration process of our school to be straightforward. There is a lot of form-filling to be done. Pray we will be a good example to the local authorities of how a school can be run.

14th Pray for a good Sabbath Day of Rest for me today. Pray that God will speak to me through his word and I will be strengthened for the week ahead.

15th Miriam arrives back today; I have really missed having my friend and mentor around. Pray she will have a safe journey back to Jos. Pray that God will direct her future ministry and equip her accordingly.

16th.Pray for the missionary women on my compound, as we meet to study and pray tonight. We are studying the book of Nehemiah. Pray we will all grow as a result of what we learn. Praise God for this fellowship and encouragement.

17th Pray for our Kings Kids funding to improve. This is the account we use for all of the children’s needs and to pay the staff that work with them. This is really low at the moment. As our needs build up towards Christmas we pray for improvement.

18th Pray for our Gyero Centre. It got pretty badly hit in the rainy season and there are lots of things to fix. Pray for money for maintenance. 100 small children are not good at maintaining things!!

19th Pray for Aunty Altine in Gyero who recently lost her only brother. Pray for her as she grieves his loss.

Pray God will renew her strength and encourage her.

20th Alheri, Adonai and Miracle and Janet are all starting apprenticeships this month so they can learn some skills before they go to University. Pray they will maintain themselves well and learn fast.

21st Pray for Nigeria’s leadership today. Pray that the President will have the fear of God in the decisions he makes.

Pray for a non -violent election in February.

22nd Fransisca is going on leave today for a month! Pray I will manage all her tasks and my own in her absence. Pray God will really encourage her and renew her strength. She has worked very hard alongside me this year.

23rd Pray for us as we farm this month in preparation for the Christmas market when prices are high. Pray Ian and Alex will be able to plan well and help us get the most out of our land.

24th Pray for Melissa, our new administrator, as she finalises preparations to come and join us here. Pray last minute finances will come together

25th Pray for Elisabeth Bitrus, our older girl who is finishing her teacher training in December. Pray she will manage the task of doing her project as well as finishing all her assignments.

Praise God for her.

26th Pray for Alheri, our older girl who is working at our Cornerstone school. She just passed her diploma and would love to find a sponsor to help her go to University to complete her degree.

27th Pray for our Boys TH as we consider the opportunity of moving the centre to a more rural location. Pray that, if this is God’s will, it will come to pass.

28th   Pray for all the Christians in Plateau State that they, in turn, pray for their state. Pray that we will all be challenged to live Holy lives and make a difference where we live and work.

29th Pray for Patience, our farmer’s daughter who is joining us in the school. She is way behind despite finishing primary school. Pray she will quickly improve and thrive so that she may catch up with the others.

30th Farmer Ian leaves today. Pray he will feel that he has accomplished much during his time with us.  Pray for a safe journey home.

31st Praise God for another month of service. Pray for our building work as I manage the builders and money. Pray we will be encouraged. Pray for good health for me and strength to juggle the many responsibilities in my hands.


Thank You all for walking alongside me in prayer, I need it and I hope you are encouraged by the many answers to requests. We serve a miracle-working God





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