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Prayer Calendar for   NICKY BRAND   missionary in   NIGERIA                             June 2018    

The names of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children and Staff in our ministry are on various days












Pray for me as I seek to catch up on all the administration I need to after not having my computer for several weeks last month. Pray I will be able to have it all restored properly so I can communicate well.

1st PTL for many answers to prayer last month. Farmer Ian came and went successfully, Mama Christy started and we have a full staff team now.

2nd PTL that I was able to spend some quality time in Abuja with Miriam before she left. Pray for her children as they adjust to living back in USA, having been born here. It’s a huge adjustment at 17 and 18.

3rd Pray for the new ECWA President who was sworn in yesterday. May he lead ECWA forward into revival and may we see ECWA and SIM continuing to work closely together.

4th We feel God is leading us to combine our Vocation Training Centre with our own Secondary School in the new building. This is making a lot of sense but is a huge task and one in which we need wisdom and resources. Pray for me and Fransisca as we work on this

5th Pray that Fransisca and I will be able to plan and strategise all that is required to start our own school and that the girls will benefit hugely as a result. We want to run a school with high standards that will a beacon for integrity in the area

6th. Pray as we finalise building plans with the engineer that we will will not be intimidated by the money needed and keep trusting God to provide for His children. We aim to build two storeys to use less land so we have plenty of space to grow our food.

7th Pray that we may be able to begin in September. That is just three months away!!! The building is up to window level at present. Pray that God will do many miracles to protect his children from poor education options locally. Pray for stamina and walking as He leads.

8th Pray God will lead us to the right teachers to employ. We want three to begin with who are on our wavelength, who can teach different subjects and will encourage honesty and hard work.

9th We plan to have tailoring, computing and baking also available for our vocation girls in the same school with combined PE and assembly.

Pray we will know what to do with our oldest girls until the buildings are complete. We need to know which school is the best option for them.

10th Pray for my friend Gaylynn who is having some medical tests at the moment that will delay her return here. Pray that the doctors will be wise in their diagnosis and treatment. Pray for her family as they support her.

11th Pray for Mama Mary, as she lost her Mother recently and is grieving. Pray for Mama Christy as she is transitioning to life in the ministry. We plan to use these two ladies to teach in our vocation school as well. Pray they will catch the vision.

12th Pray for Ruth and Aunty Elizabeth who have both been suffering health challenges recently. Pray for good health and energy for them.

13th Pray for Adonai, Miracle and Alherei as they begin another set of external exams. Pray they will concentrate well and do their best.

14th Pray for Zainab as she awaits entrance to university, having got the grades she needs. Pray God will open the right door for her to thrive.

15th Pray for Godiya, one of our reconciled girls last year who has recently run back to us!! Pray we will find out the true story of her family and have the wisdom to know what to do with her.

16th Pray for our farm; the crops are coming up well, Pray they will not be damaged by the erratic weather and for a bumper harvest.

17th Pray for the North of Nigeria as there is still persecution of Christians. Boko Horam is still active. Pray for Leah Shaibu, a kidnapped girl who has refused to denounce Christ and is still captive as a result.

18th Peter Fretheim will now leave for three months, leaving me in charge, along with our Nigerian Management.  Pray we will have a crisis free summer while he is gone and that the responsibility will not be a burden to me.

19th Pray for funding in the form of child sponsorships to be forthcoming. We have handed out bios of our kids to several people to share. Pray that they will be successful.

20th Pray for Melissa in the USA as she strives to increase her support level and come here to work as our long-term administrator from August!!! We really need her. Please pray for her to get here.

21st Patrick and Kayla, and their daughter, are coming to join our team but need to raise more support. They are special education teachers from the USA and are much needed. They wish to come in August and are long term, too J

22nd We have two new families starting as houseparents in Gyero, our primary centre, this month. Pray they will settle in well and will be great role models to our children.

23rd Pray for all of our centres as they undertake farming to grow as much food as possible for the ministry. All are doing something, Pray they will see much fruit from their labours.

24th Pray for the Presidency of Nigeria which is up for change next February. Pray for God’s man to be elected and for the country to move forward.

25th Pray for us in the Girls Ministry as we also consider starting a half- way home for those at university or working or training, so they can have a safe place to live that is partially supported. We will look to rent somewhere in Jos.

26th Pray for me that I will not become lonely with my close friends having gone. Pray God will surprise me with new friendships or deepening of others.  It is important to me, otherwise the tendency is to overwork and to get frustrated and overwhelmed.

27th Pray for Joy, a new girl in the ministry who needs to adjust to being a girl having been brought up as a boy for 14 years. Pray she will adjust well and that we will know how to help her. Pray for Altine especially as she is living with her.

28th Pray God will lead us to the right person to help us produce an album of the girls singing this summer. Both for awareness and to raise funds for our centre.

29th Pray for good contacts as we fund raise. May people be excited to partner with us in getting our new venture off the ground.

30th Pray for me as I celebrate my birthday early with my girls this weekend. I plan to have them all for the weekend!! J


Thank God for his miracles in advance and pray along with us who have the privilege of living and working here.

Thank You for being a crucial part of the work here. We can’t do it without PRAYER


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