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Prayer Calendar for   NICKY BRAND   missionary in   NIGERIA                            November  2018    

The names of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children and Staff in our ministry are on various days









1st Thank You for praying for us re the attacks in and around Jos.  This month has been a lot quieter. Please keep praying for stability in the country as we near elections in February.

2nd Praise God Zainab has been given admission into University and begins her four year degree course on Monday. J  Pray for her as she adjusts to being away from us after ten years in the ministry.

3rd Pray for our new missionary family, the Hauans, as they start ministry this week after language learning. Pray God will direct their steps as they get going J

4th Pray for a good day of rest for me today. It has been an incredibly busy time lately, and I am tired. Pray that I will be getting restful sleep and feel energised

5th Pray for me as I teach today. I am enjoying the challenge of teaching again and love seeing the girls learning in a good safe environment. However, it is a long tiring day.

6th Pray for Melissa who is still stuck in the States with Visa issues. Pray these will quickly be cleared up and she will arrive soon to join our team

7th We have begun to build again – the second storey of our school.  Pray for safety for the workers, for good use of resources and for us to get the roof on by Christmas !!

Pray for Aqua as he leads the team.

8th Pray for Elizabeth Bitrus whose college is on strike, just as she was about to finish!! L I have her helping me in Fransisca’s absence and she is doing a great job teaching and learning at the same time J

9th Pray for Fransisca as she rests in Lagos with her friends and family. May she be truly refreshed and renewed in body and mind.

Pray she will be excited to come back and continue serving with us.

10th Continue to pray for the health of our children and for a nurse to come and help work alongside our nurse who is very over stretched. 

Pray we will always be able to have the money to buy medicine when it is needed.

11th Pray for the spiritual state of the nation. Many profess to be Christians, but don’t live it out. Pray that they will and that society will change as they are salt and light in their communities.

12th It’s Ruth’s Birthday today - she turns 26 years!! Our oldest girl is such a good worker and an excellent role model to her junior sisters. Pray that this year will be full of blessings and God may grant her the desires of her heart.


13th Pray that funds may come in from the Christmas catalogue in the USA. I wrote a feature on our girl’s ministry that has been published J

Pray it will inspire people to give.

14th Pray for Lovelin, one of our new girls aged 12, who has a problem wetting the bed at night. This is causing embarrassment to her and her sisters. Pray we will be able to help her and love her through this stage and be able to help with any underlying trauma.

15th Pray for Basera as she continues to learn to speak English. She is doing well but has a long way to go in fluency. Pray she will keep trying and enjoying what she is learning.

16th We are at that point in time when we need to raise funds to buy bulk grains for our centres. This is a large amount of money to find but it’s cheaper in the long run.

Please pray God will provide for our needs.

17th Pray for some of our older kids today as they take part in an IT robotics day. We have a visiting IT couple here from Poland who are here to inspire our kids with computers and lego robotics !

18t Today many churches, mine included, are celebrating Thanksgiving. It has been a difficult year for many, but we celebrate God’s faithfulness, provision and protection.

19th Pray for Alex as he continues overseeing the farming across the ministry. We have planted lots of beans, peas and tomatoes which we hope to sell in Bassa. Pray for protection for the crops.

20th Pray for Aunty Elizabeth as she continues to work hard leading the Bassa centre. There is always one crisis or another with 51 teenagers!!

Pray for stamina for her and good health.

21st Pray for our school. Pray for the four teachers - Caleb, Joel, Jerry and Inne. Pray they will continue to work hard and that the girls will continue to learn well.


22nd Pray for ongoing safety on the roads as I drive around. The traffic is crazy and the roads full of pot holes; accidents are very frequent. Pray for protection around my car.

23rd Pray for Gambo, the sister to Zainab, who is very sad that her sister has left for University, while at the same time being very proud of her. Pray she will be comforted by her sisters in the house.

24th Pray for the girls as they continue to look after the animals. We have many rabbits now and we are going to need to learn how to kill and eat them !! Pray our animals will continue to be healthy and will be a good source of protein for our diets.

25th Pray for the pastors who minister in difficult places in the NE of the country. Pray for God to give them boldness and for them to encourage the believers in their faith.

26th Pray for protection for our centre in Gyero. There is always a risk of attack from Fulani who are close by with their cows. Pray that, as we near elections, things will stay calm in the area.

27th I am teaching discipleship to the younger age. Pray for them as they interact with the Bible that they may live out what they are hearing in the Book of James. Pray God will give me wisdom in what I teach.

28th Pray for Miracle as she is doing an apprenticeship at the Miango Rest home for six months. Pray she will learn a lot about catering and behave well. This is her first time away from us.

29th Pray for me as I prepare for all the build up to Christmas in our ministry, and prepare for exams in our school. It’s going to be a busy time and I need supernatural energy to manage everything.

30th Pray for funding to come in to help us to provide the Christmas clothes and parties for our kids across the ministry. Pray that people will be generous in their giving.




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