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News from Nicky - December 2013

ImageGreetings to you all from Jos. It has now been three months since I returned from Home Assignment and time to update you on what has been happening here, as well as wish you Happy Christmas.

It has taken some time to settle in and work out what my priorities should be for this term, as well as struggling with minor sickness, which caused me to rest more than normal (which we now think was caused by side effects of my malaria medicine). It has all been a bit overwhelming., along with my Dad being in hospital for three weeks...

But I am now at a stage where I can have a schedule, which helps me and I can see where I should focus my energies.

Things to be Thankful for ...

ImageOne of the results of me travelling to the USA earlier in the year was that the old Texas team were challenged to come back again after a 5 year absence due to security concerns. ٤ They bring a unique style and much encouragement to all the staff and kids and are a great support to our ministry. They did many different things but one special thing for me was that they brought 3 laptops donated by their church for the Girls Transition House.

I am happy to report that they plan to come again next year.

ImageWe have had financial challenges in the ministry as funding from abroad has decreased and funds from within Nigeria have been slowly increasing. Much prayer has gone into this, especially from the children, that God would provide for their needs, particularly this Christmas. We have begun to see some amazing answers. A few weeks ago a lady donated a cow !!!!! so the children could eat meat for Christmas. (this is a huge gift as meat is expensive here and the children eat it very rarely ) They have been eagerly feeding the cow to see how fat it can become before it is slaughtered.

A few large donations have come in from a couple of business men which will enable the kids to have clothes for Christmas. God is answering their prayers as he cares for the orphans much more than we ever can.

New things ...

ImageWe have all of a sudden got a bunch of junior secondary school girls in Gyero, 14 of them. They have all grown a lot in my absence !! Lisa and I have begun to do the Alpha course with them, to make sure they understand their faith, as they are now mixing with many young people at school. It has been a special time of discussing and sharing their ideas and concerns. I am amazed at how God is shaping them as they grow.

Girls Transition House Update ...

ImageI have been working on getting the vocational girls back into a schedule for their skills acquisition since I returned. The two new girls, Elizabeth and Gloria, as well as Hannatu , Comfort and Faith have been learning to knit, sew, make jewelry and bake and are now also learning how to use a computer.

Our aim is to have a foundational year of skills acquisition , basic Maths and English tuition, lifeskills and Discipleship , as well as giving them the responsibility of learning to run a home and look after themselves.

ImageWe are grateful to a group of volunteers who provide their time and skills and help to have an impact in the lives of these girls.

Aunty Gay Lynn a fellow missionary has joined in the work this year and that is a great help to me as my responsibilities continue to increase ministry wide. I will be looking for a Nigerian assistant in the new year to train as well. Pray I will find the right person.

Once the girls have completed their foundation year, we place them in an apprentiship for one or two years so they can work towards independence.

ImageFaith, pictured here, has just begun an apprentiship in sewing with our widow's ministry in Jos. She is staying with one of the widows and goes to the centre every day. She is the youngest person there and is enjoying it and becoming quite proficient. I expect her to be there a year. Meanwhile Ruth our oldest girl will be finishing her apprentiship as a hair stylist in February and we will see what is next for her, either to set her up in her own salon or complete training in something else.

The girls have just organized and run their own Christmas party this year, including making invitations and cooking the food for about 50 people and loads of local children. It was a great success and shows just how they are maturing ٤ The local community have been so supportive of them and its amazing how right this location is.

As I close, I cannot do so without mentioning our need still for buying bulk grains for the children for the year. This is the best time to buy them as they are cheapest, so if any of you would like to give a donation, we could really use it. Donate to Kings Kids Nigeria Project 96901 by going to Thank You

We have also now started putting regular news on our facebook page (City Ministries-Gidan Bege ) so if you are on facebook, like it. We also have a blog now with stories of the ministry which can be accessed at

Thank You for your support and prayers this last year very much appreciated.

The Children and I wish you a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year from Jos.


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